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Tent fumigation is still the only 100% kill of termites and bed bugs

To give your home a tried and true fresh, pest-free start, ask about our fumigation services. The perfect way to take care of bedbugs and drywood termites, fumigation from Reliable Pest Control Inc thoroughly clears your home of pests.

Schedule your fumigation today - it's a great time to take a quick vacation. Our experienced pest control staff will set up the tent, release the gas, and air everything out before you get back. Let us handle everything!

Tent Fumigation with Vikane

The entire structure is covered

Aired out afterwards

The fumigation process

 - Fumigation

 - Fumigation re-entry certification

 - Gas used penetrates wood, walls, and attics

10% off for new customers

or new service!

FREE estimates on tent fumigation

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